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Welcome to the first ever fan site dedicated exclusively to porn star Harmony Rose. Here you will find her photos, exclusive movie reviews, her detailed biography, updated career details and much, much more! Who is this lovely goddess you ask? Well to answer that question we will have to at the beginning. She was born on October 13, 1983. She once told an interviewer that she grew up like most normal girls. There was nothing really that stood out in her past that would make one think that one day, years later she would go on to be a famous porn star. { read full biography }

There have been a few rumors going around that she has retired but that couldn't be further from the truth. In fact she started off the new year (2009) by working 3 weeks in a row, whereas normally she comes to LA to shoot for about 10 days a month for work.

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She is 5'3" with natural C cup breasts and being a porn star isn't the only thing she is great at .... when she's not on the set of one of her new movies or at a photo shoot for some magazine she spends her free time buying run down homes in good neighborhoods and fixing them up for a profit (also known as flipping houses), a business venture which does with her mother. This website is the most extensive collection of her photos, movie reviews, biographical data and news that you will find anywhere!