harmony rose

There truly isn't a lot of biographical information about Harmony Rose out there. There is a blurb here and there but when making this site I found it very hard to compile accurate data about her simply because well ... there wasn't much to go on. Harmony Rose herself does however lead some insight into her life on her myspace page from time to time. Here is what she has to say about her personal background ...

What can i say about myself? My name is Harmony,I live in Miami,FL and grew up in Coral Springs FL.I travel alot from FL to CA because i am in the adult industry.I've been in the biz for five years...i love my job but its very time consuming.In my spare time i love to relax,smoke, travel,spend time with my friends and family.but i also love doing outgoing things such as skydiving,scubadiving and skiing...everythings worth a try!well thats about it,dont wanna write a novel here...if you wanna know ask!

Beyond what you see posted above Harmony Rose one day blogged about her background in a survey of sorts taht she filled out and it's great. It's the single best source of biographical information we've ever found on her! I thought I would post it for you and that is what you will find below.

Eye Color: blue

Hair Color: blonde

Height: 5'5

Heritage: italian and german

Piercings: navel

Tattoos: none

Favourite Movie: funny...sad...dramas....horror

Favourite Disney Movie: the little mermaid

Favourite TV show: family guy

Favourite Color: blue

Favourite Food: pizza,all mexican,all italian...any kind of cheese

Favourite Pizza topping: pineapple either way i need hot sauce

Favourite Ice-Cream Flavor: mint choc chip

Favourite Drink (alcoholic): grey goose and 7up or corona depending

Favourite Soda: coke...rarely though

Favourite Clothing Brand: whatever looks hot on me

Favourite Shoe Brand: whatever...sandals yes!...heels if ur lucky

Favourite Season: winter and summer

Favourite Month: april-july and oct-dec

Favourite Holiday/Festival: x-mas ,thanksgiving and my younger sisters bdays.kids still love bdays and make them fun

Favourite Flower: roses ... rare flowers always

Favourite Make-Up Item: mascara and flavored lipgloss

Favourite Board game: monopoly

Do you prefer Sunny or rainy: both

Do you prefer Chocolate or vanilla: chocolate...i hate anything vanilla

Do you prefer Fruit or veggie: both

Do you prefer Night or day: night...or very early morning

Do you prefer Sour or sweet: sour

Do you prefer Love or money: love .... but both would be perfect

Do you prefer Phone or in person: in persd

Do you prefer Looks or personality: personality

Do you prefer Coffee or tea: tea

Do you prefer Hot or cold: hot

Your Goal for this year: i let u know when i figure that out

Your Most missed memory: childhood and being a teen

Your Best physical feature: eyes and boobs

Your First thought waking up: smoke a bowl

Your Hypothetical personality disorder: OCD-neatness

Your Preferred type of plastic surgery: none-you'd have to pay me to go under!

Your Sesame street alter ego: snufalufagis

Your Worst crime: getting caught having sex and smoking weed

Your Greatest fear: being trapped in a very small space

Your Darkest secret: i like the dixie chicks 1st album

Your Favorite subject: anything deep,meaningful or current ....but u must have the right partner or ur just talking to urself

Your Strangest received gift: a thimble

Your Worst habit: cursing

Do You Smoke: yes

Do You Drink: yes in a group

Do You Curse: too much ... every other word

Do You Shower daily: yes....but i love brushing my teeth better

Do You Like thunderstorms: love them

Do You Dance in the rain: yes!whenever i can and swim in the beach while raining

Do You Sing: yes.in the car and shower

Do You Play an instrument: i wish

Do You Get along with your parents: yes.my mom best

Do You Wish on stars: yes

Do You Believe in fate: more on the not really side

Do You Believe in love at first sight: lust yes , but no not real love

Can You Drive: yes duh

Can You Sew: yes

Can You Cook: yes and i love it...best with a lover

Can You Speak another language: wanna learn

Can You Dance: yes

Can You Sing: yes but not good

Can You Touch your nose with your tongue: no...mine is actually really short

Can You Whistle: yes but im weird because i suck in instead of blowin out

Can You Curl your tongue: no...but can make a hotdog bun with it.

Have You Ever Been Drunk: many times

Have You Ever Been Stoned/High: everyday since highschool

Have You Ever Eaten Sushi: yes

Have You Ever Been in Love: yes!many different types

Have You Ever Skipped school: yes

Have You Ever Made prank calls: yes

Have You Ever Sent someone a love letter: yes

Have You Ever Stolen something: yes

Have You Ever Cried yourself to sleep: yes

What annoys you most in a person? slowness...rudeness...disrespect.....a liar....close minded....uptight

Are you right or left handed? right handed

What is your bedtime? it depends what im doing the next day

Name three things you can't live without: phone,weed,capstick

What is the color of your room? beige

Do you have any siblings? yes. 3

Do you have any pets? yes fish

Would you kill someone you hate for a million dollars? if they were really a bad person and i couldnt get caught...maybe

What is you middle name? i dont have one

What are you nicknames? harminizzle...hatian...nig...mexican

Are you for or against gay marriage? very for them!! who cares!its not ur life and its no big deal

What are your thoughts on abortion? for them

Do you have a crush on anyone? yes

Are you afraid of the dark? sometimes when im alone and really stoned...illl creep myself out

How do you want to die? in my sleep

What is the largest amount of popsicles that you have eaten on one day? ive eaten 4 klondike bars in one day

Would you take a bullet for the one you love? yes! no questions asked

What is the last law you've broken? smoked weed

In a Member of the Opposite Sex:

Hair color: doesn't matter

Eye color: light

Height def taller than me

Weight normal to their height

Most important physical feature: penis size

Biggest turn-off a bad lay or kisser